Consists of a master and 3x slaves
Place the master on your camera and plug into the flash sync
Place your flashes onto the slaves
Low power consumption
Can work under the standby mode for more than one year with only one battery
continuously trigger for thirty thousand times.
Applicable to the traditional or digital camera with hot shoe or PC controlling interface.
Model: PT-04 GY
Outdoor Synchronous Speed (open area): Max 1/500sec
Indoor Synchronous Speed: Max 1/250sec
Outdoor operating distance (open area): >30M
Receiver: Supply by 2 x AAA batteries (NOT INCLUDED)
battery inside: 12V 23A
Indoor operating distance: >10M
trigger current: 0.01MA
Color: black
Sync cord: 2.5mm
Camera Size: 105 x 30 x 42mm
Net weight: 148.8g
Package Included:
1 x 4 Channels Transmitter
3 x PT-04GY Receiver
1 x PC Sync cord for camera

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