Polaroid Refurbished 600 80's Style Camera

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We have managed to secure 3 more 80s Polaroid Cameras - super cool. 


This camera takes Polaroid 600 Film which is avialable in Colour or Black and White

Re-live vintage Polaroid instant photography
Everything you need to get started with instant photography, including an original, refurbished Polaroid™ 600. Note: the camera in this kit is in excellent working condition but may show slight signs of wear. It may differ in color or design from the depicted model.

Vintage photos with #nofilter
With both Colour and Black & White film options available, you're able to achieve iconic Polaroid photos without the use of filters and photoshop. Capture the original image instantly with a style and character that can only be achieved by a vintage Polaroid camera. Not for the faint hearted, Polaroid pictures offer a variety of image results from the same pack of film, re-creating what photography is about in capturing a candid moment and seeing how it develops in-front of you.

Not new, just lovingly refurbished

Each 80's style Polaroid camera has been sourced from various locations around the world, brought back to the original Polaroid factory in Enschede and lovingly restored to its former glory. To get through the scrutiny of the restoration team, each camera has it's internal mechanical checked, rollers cleaned, relevant parts replaced, and body polished. Only when the camera undergoes and passes a series of tests can it be selected to have it's second life.

As Polaroid cameras were built to last, we're so confident in the quality of these cameras, each one will come with a full 12 month Australian warranty. As there is a very limited supply of these cameras, if there is a warranty issue it will unable to be repaired or replaced, however you will receive a full refund of your purchase price.

Limited Stock
These cameras are very rare. The stock is strictly limited and once they're gone, there will be no more.

Takes 600-Type Film
Rugged & Durable
Focus range .6m - ∞
No batteries required
1 year warranty

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