Peak Design Capture Lens-nik

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Peak Design Capture Lens-nik

Carry & change lenses with ease

Changing lenses is one of the most common workflows in photography. Its also one of the most frustrating. Enter CaptureLENS®. Based on our flagship Capture Camera Clip, CaptureLENS lets you change lenses rapidly, with just one hand, and holds your unused lens rigidly and securely. Wear CaptureLENS on any backpack strap, belt or bag, keeping your spare lens quickly accessible and freeing up the inside of your bag for other gear. Includes 1 clip and 1 Lens Kit adapter. Choose from Canon EF, Nikon F or Sony E/FE mounts.

Fastest way to change lenses, ever

Wear it how you like it

Attach to any strap, any belt, any bag

Use with any Peak Design strap

4-way locking swivel

Quick-release actionUber strong and secure

Hold up to 2 lenses at a time

Weatherproof construction

Ideal combo of security and access

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