LI-70B Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery (650mAh)

This genuine Olympus li70 battery fits the following cameras:

Olympus D-705, D705
Olympus D-710, D710
Olympus D-715, D715
Olympus FE-4020, FE4020
Olympus FE-4040, FE4040
Olympus VG-110, VG110
Olympus VG-120, VG120
Olympus VG-140, VG140
Olympus VG-150, VG150
Olympus VG-160, VG160
Olympus VR-120, VR120
Olympus VR-130, VR130
Olympus VR-140, VR140
Olympus VR-145, VR145
Olympus X-940, X940

and more models.

Olympus LI-70B, Olympus LI70B.

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