Olympus Ez-m7530-2 75-300mm (version Ii) F4.8-6.7 20x Msc Ultra Zoom Lens (black)

$651.30 $749.00



  • Long telephoto zoom lens great for wildlife and sports photography

  • Silent focusing, prefect for creating movies

  • Advanced lens coating

  • Excellent optical quality

Take intense shots from various angles with this lightweight, compact super-telephoto lens. It also comes equipped with the MSC mechanism that provides fast, silent focusing for movies and still photography. This lens features the advanced ZERO (Zuiko Extra-low Reflection Optical) lens coating, ensuring high imaging performance even under unfavourable conditions such as backlight environments. When combined with an OM-D or PEN series camera, stable shooting is possible thanks to the image stabilisation feature of the body. It lets you enjoy comfortable super-telephoto shooting.

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