Motormax 90 Telescope D.90/f1250




Konus – the manufacturer of optical products is just not a brand that enjoys unchallenging position worldwide. After the innovation of a successful product the company does not lay back but with the spirit of making things better it works to achieve more milestones. Konus Motormax 90 Telescope also comes under its success line of products.

The Konus Motormax 90 Astrophotography Telescope belongs to the Maksutov-Cassegrain of telescope. This type is a perfect blend of both the reflector and refractor telescopes. It uses both the mirrors and lens to determine the desired magnification. They are generally shorter by length and wider by width. This handy model is cool addition to the world of telescopes.

Application: Being in-sync with the magnifying world is just a telescope away and this Telescope is best suited for the intermediary level of users. This is an all together astronomical telescope that are used for planetary observation. The Galaxies, Star cluster, Planets and the Lunar are brought closer for study. It also supports astrophotography.

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