Miggo Agua Stormproof Torso Pack 65




Carry your gear on your chest or back and be ready for action in any weather or adventure

Introducing the new agua storm-proof quick-draw Torso Pack: Keep your gear close to your chest or back and ready for action in any weather or adventure. The agua Torso Pack is a unique IPX3-standard storm-proof torso bag, suitable for up to large DSLRs such as Canon 5D mark III, Nikon D810 and similar models (without battery pack) + 24-70 2.8 lens attached + 70-200 2.8 lens (not mounted) + flash unit.. The Torso Pack’s special structure allows the adventurous photographer to comfortably carry the bag on the chest or back in any weather – rain, snow, sandstorm or even in a dense urban environment, without worrying about the expensive equipment inside – and draw the camera quickly and easily at the right moment to capture a perfect shot.

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