Nikon Coolpix A1000




A stylish body equipped with a 35× optical zoom lens that covers a wide range of focal lengths – from wide-angle to super-telephoto

The stylish COOLPIX A1000 is equipped with a high-performance 35× optical zoom NIKKOR lens that covers the wide-angle 24 mm to super-telephoto 840 mm range of focal lengths (equivalent focal lengths in 35mm [135] format). With Dynamic Fine Zoom, sharpness is preserved throughout the digital zoom range, which can be expanded up to 70×*, or a focal length equivalent to approximately 1680 mm (in 35mm [135] format), ensuring sharp and clear rendering even with super-telephoto shooting. Additionally, the A1000 is equipped with a macro close-up mode that allows users to enjoy macro photography when shooting as close as 1 cm (0.4 in.) to the lens at the maximum wide-angle position.
*At the maximum image size setting.

Superior image quality that is sharp and clear, even when shooting at high sensitivities, and support for RAW (NRW) recording

The COOLPIX A1000 has an effective pixel count of 16.0 megapixels. Its backside illumination CMOS sensor is capable of collecting sufficient light, even in dimly lit or dark surroundings, to capture a wide variety of scenes with superior image quality. It supports a higher maximum sensitivity, with a range of standard sensitivities of ISO 100-6400. The camera is also equipped with a lens-shift vibration reduction (VR) function achieved by a lens-shift system. This ensures that images are sharp and clear, even in dark or dimly lit scenes. Further, support for RAW (NRW) recording has been added, allowing users of the COOLPIX A1000 to use Capture NX-D, Nikon’s RAW processing software, to create beautiful photographic works without compromising image quality.

4K UHD movie recording that supports vibration reduction (VR), and Active D-Lighting which prevents loss of detail in highlights and shadows

The COOLPIX A1000 captures the finest details with its ability to record high-resolution 4K UHD (3840 × 2160 pixels) movies. The camera’s hybrid vibration reduction (VR) system, which combines lens-shift VR with electronic VR, can also be used with 4K UHD recording, enabling smoother and clearer hand-held and telephoto zoom recording. In addition, the Active D-Lighting function, which effectively reduces the loss of details in highlights and shadows in scenes exhibiting great contrast, such as those that are backlit, can also be applied during movie recording*.
*Cannot be used with HS 1080/4× (1920 × 1080) recording.

Superior operability with enhanced user friendliness as a high-power zoom model

The COOLPIX A1000 is equipped with an approximately 1166k-dot equivalent electronic viewfinder. The electronic viewfinder has an eye sensor that automatically switches the display between viewfinder and camera monitor as the camera is lowered or raised to the eye. Not only does viewfinder shooting achieve a steadier shooting stance that helps reduce camera shake – by making only the recordable angle of view visible – it also allows the user to concentrate on the intended subject, aiding the process of composing shots.

Nikon COOLPIX A1000: Front and back views: 3-inch tilting touchscreen LCD

Nikon COOLPIX A1000: Front and back views: 3-inch tilting touchscreen LCD

The camera is also equipped with a 3-inch tilting monitor for which a touch panel has been newly adopted. The tilting mechanism makes shooting from high and low angles easier, and the approximately 1036k-dot LCD monitor, which supports a high-definition display and intuitive touch operation, enables smooth camera operations from shooting to image playback. In addition, the monitor uses an anti-reflection coating that makes viewing under strong lighting easier, ensuring better visibility even when outdoors in harsh lighting.

The COOLPIX A1000 is also equipped with a Snap-back zoom button that temporarily shifts zoom position to the wide-angle side to some degree for easy framing when shooting fast-moving subjects or during super-telephoto shooting. Side zoom control that enables smooth zooming even while recording movies has also been added on the side of the lens. Other functions, including aperture, ISO sensitivity, exposure compensation, or white balance setting can also be assigned to the Side zoom control.

SnapBridge support for automatic transfer of photos captured to a smart device

A constant connection between the camera and a smart device is possible using the SnapBridge app, built-in Wi-fi®, and Bluetooth® technology. Not only can images captured with the camera be transferred to a smart device automatically*1, they can also be automatically uploaded to Nikon’s photo sharing service, NIKON IMAGE SPACE*2. The SnapBridge app supports a number of other features as well, including the ability to add copyright information and comments to images, and to automatically synchronize camera date/time and location information with that of the smart device. SnapBridge also makes remote recording of still images possible with the use of the real-time display of the view through the camera’s lens on the smart device screen.

The COOLPIX A1000 boasts a compact size for ease of portability, and comes equipped with a 35× optical zoom lens that covers a range of equivalent focal lengths – from the wide-angle 24 mm*1 to the super-telephoto 840 mm*1 (Dynamic Fine Zoom further expands the zoom ratio to 70×*2). This allows users to easily enjoy super-telephoto photography that delivers images with sharp and clear resolution.

The COOLPIX A1000 is also equipped with a number of features designed to make this high-power zoom model easier to use. These include an approximately 1166k-dot equivalent electronic viewfinder with an eye sensor, a 3-inch, approximately 1036k-dot, tilting TFT LCD monitor with a touch screen, Snap-back zoom button and Side zoom control, as well as four exposure modes (P/S/A/M). The camera is also compatible with SnapBridge, an application that provides support for the automatic download and sharing of high-quality images using smart devices*3.

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